Fortive + ASP

Design a Safer Healthcare Future

Fortive recently announced our intent to acquire Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP), a division of Johnson & Johnson. This pending acquisition complements Fortive’s global family of unique individual companies united by a shared purpose: to make the world stronger, safer, and more effective by providing essential technology for the people who accelerate progress.

When the acquisition closes, after successfully completing customary clearances, the new Fortive/ASP operating company will deliver the excitement of a start-up with the predictability of a stable market leader dedicated to driving safer patient care around the world. Join this fast-growing organization and be part of an exceptional team that’s designing a better healthcare future.

Protect Patients, Save Lives

In healthcare, nothing is more important than protecting patients. So it’s vital to ensure the safety of the care environment – especially the medical devices and equipment that come into contact with vulnerable patients.

ASP is a global leader in infection prevention solutions for healthcare. With advanced products, technologies, and workflows for medical sterilization and disinfection, ASP is dedicated to defending the lives of patients, families, healthcare workers, providers, and communities.

Add your voice and talents to our extraordinary Fortive/ASP team, and help us make healthcare safer for everyone.

Advanced technologies and support services that fight infection, protect patients, and save lives.

Explore Exciting Growth Opportunities

Providers in the healthcare market are challenged by rigorous quality and safety standards – requiring the most current technologies and services. A key concern is healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), which pose a serious threat to patients, medical staff, and the community. Fortive/ASP will have a powerful opportunity help healthcare customers meet rising expectations and standards of care in infection prevention.

ASP brings industry leadership in sterilization and disinfection technology and operations, along with a deep cultural commitment to quality and service. When combined with Fortive’s market strength, expertise in critical workflows and the Fortive Business System, Fortive/ASP will be set to accelerate customer progress and performance. Together, we will have the ability to transform healthcare – making it safer than ever before.

We believe in growth and invest in our people to make it happen. We are always leaning into the next challenge, imagining the next breakthrough, and designing the next innovation. Our mission is to create long-term value for customers – and exciting opportunities for employees as we work together to create the safest possible care environments.

Make a Real Difference

Fortive/ASP has the soul of a small company and the energy of a start-up, but we provide larger company benefits and learning opportunities too. That means here you can aspire high, matter more, and distinguish yourself through how and what you contribute.

With a passionate focus on our markets and our customers, we work together to make a genuine difference in the world. We know the only way to achieve these aspirations is through our people. So we equip you with proven tools and an environment that enables you to seize opportunities and create a positive impact on the world around you.

Start on your journey today. Be a part of an industry-leading company that’s making the world a better, safer place for patients, families, and the healthcare community.

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ASP Fast Facts

When It Comes to Healthcare, Fortive Means Business

Fortive has established a strong presence in healthcare, making resource investments to raise the safety and quality of care. The pending acquisition of ASP furthers our commitment to this ideal.

"Medical innovation requires resources and courage. Fortive is boldly addressing medical quality and safety. It’s an exciting time for technology disruption, and for the opportunity to serve patients and their caregivers."

Marcus Flack, Sr. Director of R&D
Fluke Health Solutions

"Fortive’s continued investment in healthcare inspires my work because it allows me to make meaningful contributions to a growing business - which ultimately enables healthcare professionals to save lives."

Spencer Rodgers, Senior Finance Manager
Fluke Health Solutions

"Standing up this company is just the start. And that’s exactly what excites me. There is so much more bold, dynamic, and interesting work to be done. Building a diverse and inclusive team as a leader only marks the beginning of what will be accomplished."

Ashish Bhuskute, CFO for Fortive’s anticipated post-acquisition
Advanced Sterilization Products business

Explore your opportunities.
Visit our jobs portal and search "Health NewCo" as the operating company.